Floating walkway for pipeline access at Heathrow Airport

20th April 2017:  A massive 120m long floating walkway supplied by VersaDock has just been installed at Heathrow Airport by the company’s installation partner Floating Pontoon Solutions (FPS).

The walkway was installed to allow the engineers to replace an existing water pipe spanning a reservoir at the airport that provides water to the fire service. Lee Garner of FPS, reported “We worked closely with the engineers to design a suitable walkway that could withstand the weight of the pipe and allow a safe and stable environment. There was also a great emphasis on health and safety due to the nature of the works and the difficulties faced in launching the pontoon into the reservoir.”  The dock is lined with railings for additional security.

Lee added “However, after four of our operatives completed a busy day, the install was fulfilled with the client extremely happy.”

VersaDock’s modular system means a working platform can be built to any shape so it was no problem to build the walkway as required, and specific to this project.  The Heathrow engineers are now able to access the waterpipe safely and from a stable platform. The platform is free floating, yet since it is made of industrial strength high density polyethylene it is robust and hardwearing.