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New product launch and Dame award nomination for VERSADOCK

Versadock is delighted to announce the launch of a new product and the nomination for a highly prestigious Dame award. The Z-Series, is a new float with the design split into two key areas. The adjustable roller arrangement (Patent Pending) and the design shape (design registered). The Z float is…

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Versadock building cathedrals

A man walks into a quarry. Ahead of him are a legion of workers chiselling stone from rough-hewn boulders into useable and at times ornate pieces. He approaches the first worker and asks him, “Tell me, in your own words, what is your job here”? The man responds immediately, “I…

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Versadock receives JOSCAR accreditation

Versadock, designers, manufacturers and installers of Modular Pontoon and Docking Systems are proud to announce their addition on to the JOSCAR register and are now recognised as a fully compliant supplier for several defence companies and major organisations, effective 28th April 2020. JOSCAR is a central register of approved suppliers…

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A Testing Day For Versadock!

In the last few days before the government’s lockdown, life at Versadock was frantic. Not only were we preparing to work from home, continuing to expedite orders to clients and handling new enquiries but we also had the added complication of an onsite inspection and testing of our product. Versadock,…

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CE & ISO Regulations – Where do regulations and quality meet?

So where do regulations and quality meet? So many of the products we buy today come with standards emblazoned on the product or on the packaging. We take this to mean the product is better in some way than another. But do these little logos that insight such trust really…

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Versadock Continues To Thrive

Since being purchased by Lymington Marina Ltd (a Berthon subsidiary) in December 2018 VersaDock (MIP Ltd) has continued to thrive with new products continuing to expand its global reach and developing strong relations with new and existing clients. Working alongside Berthon Rib solutions VersaDock installed two new demonstration docks in…

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Versadock Are Attending Seawork 2019

Versadock has been leading the way with modular pontoon and docking solutions since its inception in 2001. Now under the ownership of the Berthon Group they will be demonstrating their range of products including the UK launch of a new accessory at Seawork, Tue 11 Jun – Thu 13 Jun….

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