A Question of Freeboard

How high should a pontoon be out of the water? For some, the answer is as high as possible, for others a more cynical answer of high enough to keep your feet dry. The answer though is one of application. If you are looking for easy embarkation from a RIB, a standard Versadock float height of 483mm is perfect.

For vessels with more freeboard, be they commercial workboats, fishing boats or sailing yachts, the double stack pin comes into its own. Enabling multiple floats to be stacked on top of each other securely to make those transfers seamless.

As we all know though, sometimes it’s not how high from the water can we get, but how close. Imagine trying to get into a rowing boat or onto a stand up paddleboard for the first time from a standard pontoon. That’s exactly the scenario one of our customers was facing on the Thames. Stepping precariously down into a carbon rowing scull was only going to end one way. He set out to find the perfect solution. With limited access through the property to the water, he wanted something manageable. A burgeoning fleet of watercraft meant he wanted something low maintenance so he could focus on the boats, not the pontoon. And, by no means least , with all the craft being low sided and the grand children’s penchant for jumping in the river, he wanted something low to the water.
His research lead him to Versadock. Our low float pontoons offer the perfect solution to access from rowing boats, stand up paddleboards and other low freeboard craft. The 100% recyclable floats are light enough to be carried through the garden and assembled onsite. As for low maintenance, it doesn’t get much easier.
Now the family can row paddle and swim to their hearts content, safe in the knowledge that they can get back out again quickly and easily.

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