VersaDock appoints Head of Engineering

Simon Batchelor, Head of Engineering at Versadock


VersaDock, the global leader in modular floats for pontoon and dock solutions, has appointed a new Head of Engineering.

Simon Batchelor will manage the upgrades and developments of the company’s product range as it continues to introduce advances in design and technology to make dry docking increasingly easy for a wider range of vessels.

At the same time he is leading a project to upgrade the patented DrySail V1 System to the innovative V2 system for Keel Boats to include the following benefits of improved docking, weight savings, self-assembly, manufacturing costs and ultimately an improved cost effective product to the customer.

Simon will also oversee the builds of larger and more complex platform and dock projects introducing continuous innovation to maximise durabililty and stability of each dock or platform, for a wide variety of uses from floating bridges to industrial and military as well as for leisure vessels.

With a background in engineering in the aerospace industry, Simon brings a wealth of experience to VersaDock, to drive the development of the product offer in this rapidly expanding company.