Versadock pleased to launch 1st US DrySail™ docking system!

drysail_logoVersadock International is extremely pleased to launch their 1st US J70 sailboat DrySail ™docking system in the US!

Drysail ™ is the perfect addition delivering an “Evolution in Berthing” for sports boats and racing yachts

  1. 100% out the water
  2. 360 degree access to your boat
  3. Immediate access to the water
  4. 2 minutes to dock
  5. 30 seconds to launch
  6. No crane lift or queuing! Just dock!


The Drysail ™ dock is located in the perfect position in the beautiful Alameda Marina – in San Francisco directly next to J Worlds floating office.

We would like to thank Mrs. Judy Blumhorst at Hyde Sails for buying the 1st US DrySail and would like to wish her great pleasure DrySailing her J70 (Watch out everyone she will have a fast bottom as well as fast sails!).

We will be installing a further two on the US east coast later next month and hope there will be many more to come. We are also opening our east coast US office in October 2015.

Versadock is extremely proud to support sailing across the US & Europe. Currently we have 25 Drysail’s in use across Europe’s sports boats fleets. All our components are made in the USA to the highest marine standards.

Again thank you Judy, for your warm welcome and companionship over the weekend whilst building your new – Drysail ™ system

Versadock International is a UK company investing in US & UK manufacturing and technology development to offer truly versatile innovative products, custom designed to your boat docking, jetty & berthing requirements.

If you are interesting in discussing how we can support your own boat, please contact or call the UK on +44 (0) 1590 671 300 –

Versadock International: Lower Seaforth House, The Shipyard, Bath Road, Lymington, Hants, SO41 3RW, UK


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