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8 year service – Port Solent

The customer had a private dock at the marina in Port Solent, Portsmouth.  The existing dock had not been serviced for a number of years. It had a number of damaged floats and the boat was sitting in the water at the rear.  The team from Versadock broke down the dock into sections, removing the damaged floats, installing new T-beams and re-configuring the dock to our new specification.

Date: April 2016

Customer: Private customer

Location: Port Solent, Portsmouth, UK

Product Type: Service of existing 8+ year old dock

Product Dimensions: A 7.2m Drive on Dock with three T-beams

Installation Method: Two of our team serviced the dock, breaking down and inspecting the existing dock and rebuiling to the Versadock specification with new T-beams.

How long it took: 2 people 1.5 days