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Performance Series

VPS Versadock Performance – Air Assisted System
Our latest product is a military grade air assisted drive on docking system specifically designed as a bespoke robust drive on platform for the armed forces to accommodate large ribs and high speed motor launches to a maximum weight of 26 tonnes.
Purposely designed to give rapid docking and disembarking allowing uncomplicated access to the water and dry docking combined with unlimited access for maintenance to the boat, engines, kit and hardware.

Versadock – Performance Series


VPS Performance Product durability statements


Additional Information

Weather Resistance

Extreme force

Durable materials designed for even the toughest marine environments

Our Products have been tested in the harshest conditions returning unscathed – from two projects in the Antarctica, drive on docks in the Falklands, to the searing heats of Diego Garcia and Cyprus and hurricanes in Florida.

Freezing conditions

Snow and ice present no threat to the product

Our docks are at home in extreme conditions, snow and ice present no threat to the product (except fast flowing water which freezes into large ice blocks which can gouge open the floats as easily as it can do a hull).

Freezing water does not harm the floats as typically they rise above the ice as it freezes underneath.

Heat and sun

UV stable HDPE means no maintenance

The products do well in the heat.  Being a natural grey colour they have demonstrated 40 degree variance in temperature to that of black floats as tested in the UAE.

Versatility / Stowage

The docks can be broken down into light weight sections to enable easy pick up and effective stowage. The docks can be slung vertically on the side of a ship’s hull.

Docks can be easily constructed and re-configured to meet your needs with basic training. A 30ft x 30ft dock can be constructed from scratch in 3 hours with just 2 trained personnel.

The floats give incredibly stable platforms even in the roughest sea states.