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Drive on Dock Jet Ski

The VersaDock Drive on Dock for Jetskis will float your jetski clear of the water.  Drive it straight out of the water in seconds onto the stable dry platform of VersaDock’s advanced modular system, guided by the VersaDock patented V-float cradle.

It’s ideal for clubs and centres, people living in waterside properties and for jetski fleets operated by safety, security and commercial organisations. VersaDock can provide individual pontoons for a single jetski or banks of 2, 5, 10 or more.

A VersaDock designed and installed Static Drive on Dock for Jetskis provides maintenance free berthing that you can drive your jetski on and off in seconds.

The Drive on Dock for Jetskis is similar to VersaDock’s proven standard Drive on Dock for boats but smaller and with no crossbeams, therefore simpler to ship and construct.  Sizes are available to suit 1, 2 or 4 seat jetski models.  The design can also be incorporated into VersaDock’s fully modular product range, so that it can be part of a bigger design, such as being built into a larger platform.

The design of VersaDock’s Static Drive on Dock for Jetskis makes it especially safe and stable so it does not move around while launching and recovering when installed by our professional team.  This eliminates damage to jetskis which can occur on less stable lower-cost modular docks, and minimises risks to health and safety.  Our superior technology also means that no dock rollers are required because VersaDock’s patented V-float cradle needs no moving parts.  It’s simple, highly effective and very easy to maintain.

Rigorous testing, continually advancing technology and design, and robust military-grade materials have all set VersaDock above from the competition in 2016.

The Static Drive on Dock for Jetskis is part of the VersaDock range.  VersaDock offers the safest and easiest drive on dock systems available on the market today.

Watch our amazing video of the Jet Ski on a Drive on Dock for Jetskis riding out a storm force 10 wind.  See just how well the dock stands up to the storm.